Best 7 Neighborhoods To Live In San Francisco CA

Moving to San Francisco will probably be one of the best decisions in your life! However, you still have to choose the neighborhood for your future house or an apartment. We will help you out and provide the list of 7 top neighborhoods you should consider while planning your move!


This is another famous neighborhood in San Francisco. It has a rich history and continues to thrive in his day. It’s full of activities for tourists visiting San Francisco. Its numerous walking tours, shopping places, and Victorian homes make this neighborhood a picturesque part of the city. If you’re a visual type of person, this can be the right neighborhood for you. Fun fact: the name of this neighborhood comes from the intersection of these two streets. In the 19th century, this neighborhood was far away from San Francisco and you can say it was a kind of a suburb in that time. However, it has changed a lot over the years. Great names such as Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane lived in this neighborhood and performed for free. Can you imagine that?

Outer Sunset

Welcome to Outer Sunset – a neighborhood full of long beaches, friendly local shops, and restaurants. Whoever finds himself in this part of the city will definitely feel its tranquility and serenity. Outer Sunset is well worth exploring. The mere fact that it’s on the Pacific Ocean makes it amazing. Local people gather around bonfires at night and enjoy life. Important information: no fires are allowed between November and February). San Francisco Zoo and Gardens is a perfect place for animal lovers. All families will enjoy walking around the Zoo with their little ones.


There are many theories regarding the name of this neighborhood, and yes, you’re right. Most of them have to do with meat. About 25% of the Tenderloin’s housing is currently owned or run by non-profit organizations in order to help support its residents. Today, the Tenderloin is pretty much as it has been: such organizations provide community aid, local phở restaurants, and intimate music venues. The rent is still pretty affordable. This neighborhood is a perfect mix of the high and the low, the old, and the new. It’s a mixture of history and the modern world. The Tenderloin is an important part of San Francisco’s history – and it continues writing it.

Noe Valley

Noe Valley is a very popular neighborhood. The mere fact that its real estate prices have gone up 75 percent in the last 5 years shows it all. No need to say, this is a family neighborhood. If you imagine a movie with a single-family, toddlers, and cute bakeries, you’re probably in Noe Valley. There are no famous landmarks or big popular hotels inviting you to this part of the city. However, it is full of small shops where you can find unique pieces. You don’t really need a car to move around this neighborhood. You can walk anywhere or simply use your bike. It’s a healthier option as well.

Inner Richmond

One of the unique and hidden gems between San Francisco neighborhoods is definitely Inner Richmond. This area is relatively flat and completely walkable. It is very well positioned considering its proximity to Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge. Inner Richmond offers one of the tastiest brunches in the city! Food lovers will love the variety of dishes with eggs. It’s only a 10-minute walk from Presidio Heights and we promise, it’s worth it!

Presidio Heights

People who enjoy a more refined sense of living will find their place in this part of the city. It’s not only an affluent neighborhood but also a family-friendly one. This is a  perfect neighborhood for people with families who are looking to settle permanently and plant their roots. This is a top part of the city whose residents have worked hard to get here. Therefore, there are a plethora of fine dining restaurants at your disposal. Everything Presidio has to offer will make you feel as if you have found an enclave in which you can spend the rest of your life with your family.

Lone Mountain

Lone Mountain is one of the most historic neighborhoods in San Francisco. This area is most known as the home of the University of San Francisco Campus. Similar to Inner Richmond, it mainly consists of single-family houses. Nature lovers will love this part of the city as it is located near many outdoor treasures. The neighborhood is close to public transportation and there are a lot of grocery stores at your disposal including Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Food lovers will be satisfied if they find themselves in this lovely neighborhood.

If you have been in doubt whether to move to San Francisco or not, we are sure you no longer are. Moving to any of the above-mentioned neighborhoods will be the right decision!

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