Movers Checklist – How To Prepare For A Local Move?

If you’re planning for your upcoming local move, there is a list of things you need to do beforehand. Even if you are moving just a few blocks away, a move is still a move and it is a complex process.

Start on time

Once you have found your dream home and you’re ready to move, think about what the moving process entails. Do your research and see what needs to be done. There are probably more things to do than you might think. It is best to start organizing your move as soon as you decide to move. You will need quite some time to organize everything and book a local moving company for your moving day.

Make a plan

A good plan is half of the job done! Sit down and write everything that should be done during your relocation process. Starting from packing, organizing supplies, decluttering to the actual moving day, and everything it entails.

Find help – kids

Before your moving day arrives, arrange for someone to take care of your kids or pets. Anyone who is not actively participating in the relocation process can only be an obstacle. Not to mention that a house during a move can be a dangerous place for your children or pets. Anyway, they will have a lot more fun at a local park or a playground than at your old place.


The perfect time to get rid of everything you don’t use is before your move. Once you start going through your thing you’ll soon realize that you are not using a lot of stuff anymore. We tend to overbuy and store things for one day when you will need them. Trust us, that day will never come. You can give the things you don’t use to your friends or family, or you can donate them to a local thrift store. They will be super thankful to you. One option is to organize a garage sale and earn some money while getting rid of things you no longer use – a winning combo!

Prepare for packing

You should decide whether you will be using professional packing services, or pack by yourself. There are pros and cons on both sides, so you should decide what works best for you. Packing by a professional moving company may cost more than self-packing, but on the other hand, your belongings will be much safer if you hire professional packers.

Order supplies

If you have decided to pack on your own, try to calculate how many packing supplies you will need. Try not to overbuy because it would be just a waste of money. The above mentioned decluttering will also help you in this regard because you will have fewer things to pack. You can also get free packing supplies at a local store. Make sure they are clean before your moving day, though.

Clear your schedule

Even if you are using a professional company’s services for your relocation process, you should be present and free to participate in your move. Some things cannot be done by anyone else other than you. Make sure your business or family errands are all cleared out for your moving day. It will make your moving day much less stressful if you don’t have to be at two places at the same time.

Shop for your new home

Think about the essentials you will need at your new home the same day you move. It may be some food, bathroom supplies, plates, etc. If you are not moving everything you need and you’re planning to buy new pieces for your new house, do that in advance. In that way, you will be able to settle in sooner and start enjoying your new house in a proper way.

Plan your new rooms

Make a blueprint of your new home for the movers. They can arrange large furniture items within your new home if they have a plan for the rooms and labeled boxes. Therefore, label everything that is packed with the name of the room it should be put in. You can also add some more information that will help you out while unpacking, but this basic information is important for the movers.

Pack an essentials bag

Last but not least, pack an essentials bag – everything you will need on your first night in your new house. No matter how well you pack, you probably won’t be all settled in the same day. Packing some nightclothes, toothbrushes and similar items will make your first night at home easier.

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